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Price Video Productions - Victoria, Texas is a full-service media company offering in-house solutions for your audio production, video production, print, multimedia, events, and internet programming needs. Our audio production department maintains a 32 channel ProTools system for recording and editing and is regularly booked for audio-for-video projects, musical album demos, and legal audio clarification/enhancement. We support both studio and on-location recording and also offer sound reinforcement equipment and personnel. Our video production department has coast-to-coast experience in single and multicamera situations and is comfortable shooting in a variety of situations including chemical plants, reality-style settings, corporate meetings, commercial shoots, and live events.

The print department at Price Video Productions focuses on the design and printing of your collateral business materials. We offer turnkey services for logo design, business cards, brochures, folders, billboard design and other traditional advertising mediums. Our multimedia services include the creation and duplication of DVD's and interactive CD-ROMs. Completed programs include corporate training and orientation to personal and professional demos to commercially available comedian programs.

Our event services combine the strengths of our other services and enable us to provide our clients a single source company for all audio/video/multimedia event needs. We pool resources from our different departments and equipment inventories to support sound, lighting, A/V, and signage which greatly simplifies the event planning process and allows for greater budgetary control. Bringing everything full circle, our internet design and programming department further leverages our services and your content by making available all the design, video, audio, and other elements for use on-line in websites, databases, or other marketing and informational purposes.

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